Sign Rules

Rush Orders If it is not possible to give us two weeks lead time on a sign order, there is a possibility of requesting a rush order. Rush orders are charged an additional rush fee and are completed on a first-come, first-served basis — time and staff permitting and priced accordingly. This means we will try to the best of our ability to complete the order, provided we have the staff available to do so. Logos If you have a logo you would like to incorporate into your signs you can send the file to us on a disk, or give us a clean printout to scan into our computers. Either way, we must charge you a scan/conversion fee. The standard fee is $20 but can increase depending on the complexity of the logo and the amount of clean-up involved. Please note, the sign program we use is PC-based. We can't work from Mac disks or files. Also, the scan/conversion cost is a one-time fee. If you request it, we will save your logo in our computer so you will not be charged again in the future. We can incorporate your logo into your sign in two ways. If it is a vector-based image, we can cut your logo in our traditional vinyl format. You will be charged only for the conversion and clean-up of the file. The vinyl we use is included in the original sign fee. The file types included in this type of logo are • .ai • .cdr • .psd • .dxf • .eps • .prn • .gad • .cmx * If the logo is a photo, includes shading, or has any other graphic effects and is not a monochromatic image, then we will print this logo using our CMYK printing machine. Because we are using four-color process printing, this method is a bit more expensive. It costs $20 per square foot each time it is printed, in addition to the one-time scan/conversion fee. The file types we can use here are much more varied and include any file you can open in Adobe Photoshop. * For logo files of this type, the higher resolution the image file, the better. Our sign program is vector based, so its image printing capabilities are less than state-of-the-art. Avoid .jpg or .gif files. They will not print well with our software as they are compressed file types designed for the web and lack detail.