Sign Design Tips

Effective Sign Design Tips

Designing your own custom  or custom magnetic (as well as any of our other products) can be a great way to get exactly the final look you want. But remember – quite often your custom sign or banner is the first thing people see that is associated with your business, so a professional-looking design is of the utmost importance.

To help you get the most out of your custom banner design experience – whether using our Online Sign Designer or another program on your computer - eSigns has some design tips to help.


You can order your custom vinyl banner in a variety of sizes. Make sure you have chosen a size that is appropriate for the distance you expect your custom banner to be seen from. Consider where it will be located and what obstacles may be in the way. Visibility is the most important part of your signage.

Overall Design

How do you plan to use your custom vinyl banner or any other product? Are you creating a custom sign that is event-specific or is it intended for use in a variety of settings? This can help you decide what text styles, colors and backgrounds you will want to use on your custom sign.