Sizzling Signs The Sign Guys!


In this example, let's use the name "Matthew Daniel Pighills"

If one were to print Matthew's initials, it would look like this: M.D.P.
His letters are in the order of his full name with a period in between the letters.

If one were to print Matthew's monogram, it would look like this: MPD
His LAST name is in the center and printed larger with the most emphasis, and his first name is smaller and to the left with his middle name smaller and to the right.

Our gorgeous vinyl vehicle monograms are just perfect for your car, bike, helmet and other equipment. These classy decals are a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves to add a personalized touch to their vehicle. Add them to your bumper, window, fenders, tank, helmet or even your saddlebags. Our monograms offer an inexpensive way to personalize your car or bike, as well as deter theft. Made of high quality vinyl that can be easily removed if necessary, yet have a 5-7 year outdoor life. Hundreds of designs
PLEASE NOTICE the order in which our drop down boxes ask you for your letters.
We do NOT ask for initials, but for monograms.

If you are unsure as to what your monogram would be, give it your best guess and then spell out the full name in the customer comment section in check out and we will make any necessary corrections for you. Or, go to the Contact Us page and send us your question before you order and we'll be happy to help!

It's important to get the order correct as any mistakes
will not be refunded unless the mistake is ours.

Have fun and enjoy your Monogrammed Gifts!