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Outdoor & Indoor Lightboxes

Stand out from the crowd and illuminate your exterior office signage and architectural lettering.

Lightboxes enhance a business'directory and way-finding signage monument signage dimensional lettering and make your business easier to find at night.  The wide variety of lightboxes and materials lend to eye-catching lighting effects that improve the perception of your brand.


Reasons for choosing a Lightbox?

Night - Leave your sign illuminated after hours for maximum potential of attracting customers. A back-lit sign on a dark night will ensure your business is seen!

Day - Even during the day, light-boxes are great looking signs; they are built into a custom made box, and have a powder-coated finish, ensuring a sleek design, and a smart finish.

Quick - The faces of a Lightbox are interchangeable, so if you decide to change your logo, or want to adjust artwork, it is as simple as sliding out the face and replacing the graphics, rather than removing the whole sign. Quick and easy.

Custom - Light-boxes are custom made for you, so we can fit a sign anywhere you need it!

Because a standard lightbox is a panel with graphics applied, businesses are able to easily change the face or swap out the graphics, without a complete re-investment into a full lightbox solution; saving money over time.  Lightbox faces can easily be installed to existing self-standing monument signs , pylon signs and to the building facade providing cost-effective, 24 hour advertising.

Exterior lightboxes are the perfect advertising and branding solutions for all types of business including: government, manufacturing, property managers, restaurants and retail.

To learn more about our exterior lightbox solutions, please Call 866 646 4379 to talk with a Sizzling Signs graphic designer.