Custom Rear Window Graphics

We take a Photo or any other image, then you work with our graphic designer to obtain the exact Perforates back glass you desire. images can easily be uploaded directly from this site. Acrylic Awards
Perforated Window Film, also known as see through window graphics, is a vinyl window film made with small holes throughout it so you can see through the material. Light plays an important role in how this material looks when applied. When used on a window, only the graphic will be seen from the side with more light. and from the darker side of the window, you can still see through the window with ease. So when the custom decal is applied to the back window of a vehicle, you can see out of the rear window easily, but people looking in from the outside see the printed graphic on the vinyl. See thru window graphics are commonly used for back window decals on trucks, vans, cars and SUV's, but they can be used on any type of window. The material is very durable and they are very easy to apply. Custom Sizes Available
Don't see the size you need or have any questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.
Please measure your window and select a size that allows for a couple of extra inches around the edge, These are self-stick, and when you apply the see-through vinyl decal to your back window, you simply trim the excess material around the edges with a blade for a clean custom look. Keep in mind that you will be trimming away excess material around the edges, so keep your design a safe distance from the borders of the design.